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What's new in Notetalker 2.0?

We're constantly developing Notetalker to meet every student’s and institution’s needs.
Notetalker Version 2.0 now includes the following features:
- Compatibility with mind mapping tools, such as MindView, to support essay planning.
- Bookmark video content to strengthen students’ learning using rich mixed media.*
- Access to curated relevant online content for quality research material.
- Transcription and high quality note service for student support in higher education.

Key Notetalker 2.0 features:

  • Compatibility with
    mind map tools
  • Bookmark video and playback content*
  • Curate share and use
    relevant online content
  • A transcription service to create high quality notes.

* Windows PCs

Notetalker app and Edit

Notetalker is an inclusive and accessible productivity tool. It records lectures, saves bookmarks and captures explanatory images in a simple and intuitive way, providing all students with more time to focus on the lecture. It is also an excellent solution for field trips and interviews.

Notetalker equips all students to create tailored notes which can be used for revising, essay writing and further study.

Notetalker app for iOS and Android enables full playback, so that a recording with all its supporting images and bookmarks, can be reviewed and checked.

Once a recording has been made on a smartphone or a tablet it can be uploaded to Notetalker Edit, available for Windows and Mac. Recordings can be uploaded via Dropbox, Googledrive or iCloud, allowing all course materials to be organised and accessed in one place.

Notetalker Edit provides easy navigation through important bookmarks and has the functionality to create a rich set of information by adding text, PowerPoint slides, images and video content.

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What others say about us

" Notetalker awarded 5 star review by the Educational App Store
Notetalker is an excellent addition to the toolbox of any student wishing to get the most out of a teacher lecture, providing you with an audio record of the talk, that can highlight the main points through bookmarks and store pictures of the presenters slides to reinforce or clarify understanding. "
Educational App Store
" Notetalker boosts my confidence in class
Using Notetalker has definitely made me feel more confident about my approach to notetaking, I can still makes notes but it is very reassuring to know that Notetalker is recording when I get confused. I would definitely recommend that other students with similar study challenges consider this solution. It has made things much easier for me in class! "
Ashley Beaty, student
" The Codpast reviews Notetalker
Notetalker app turns your mobile device into a powerful recording and audio note-taking companion. "
Sean Douglas